Why to buy

Unique concept
In addition to its successful design and product innovation mdentree introduces the unique
'why to buy’ sales concept.

Market research has shown that it is difficult for the customer to make the right choice within the doormats range.
Nowadays the choice is often based on price rather than on function; while this is the most essential part next to colour and design. MDentree has developed and registered in collaboration with a renowned marketing agency a unique system in order to serve the consumer in its best way.

Product information & Performance Points
Each product has been provided with essential information on sales packaging.  First clearly been identified where in the house to place the mat: INDOOR, OUTDOOR or both IN & OUTDOOR

In addition, the effective mdentree performance points system. At a glance  the different features are easy to read and can simply be compared with each other. Multiple coloured balls means better performance for the specific component. This is also the right tool to explain and justify the price differences. It simplifies the decision where after a deliberate choice can be made. Upselling is made possible and push sales evidently.

The 'why to buy' banner must be showed clearly visible at each presentation  and is a good guide for both the end consumer and your sales team.

In 3 steps the right choice
step 1  where in the house                     INDOOR, OUTDOOR of voor beide IN&OUTDOOR
step 2  select performances                    by function
step 3  choose your colour and design     from the mdentree collection always a pleasant welcome logo

Finally the care of the mat is important. This is indicated by various symbols on the product packaging.

Are you interested in 'why to buy' in your sales area?
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